Gourmet fruits – Celebrating special occasions in style


Gifts play an important role in celebrations and events as these help in spreading joy and help individuals to convey their feelings to their near and dear ones. Carefully selected gifts can make any celebration or event a memorable one. In recent times there is a greater demand to select unique gift items rather than giving nondescript and routine gifts like cards. Gourmet fruits are one of the items that can make a lasting impact on any special occasion or celebration.

The gift baskets at Orchard fruit comprise of beautifully designed wicker baskets that are elegantly arranged with the choicest of gourmet fruits. These  fruits are carefully handpicked by us so as to ensure that our customers get the finest of produce. These handpicked fruits and beautifully arranged in spectacular designs by some of the best fruit basket designers in the world. We take great pride in our work and each arrangement is designed to look like an exquisite work of art. Our gourmet fruits can add to the beauty of your dinner party or can be given as the perfect corporate gift to your clients. These beautifully designed baskets are sure to evoke a smile of appreciation from anybody who receives them.

At Orchard fruit you are sure to find our selection of gourmet fruits to be among the best and you can easily select something that suits the occasion and your budget constraints. These fruits and fruit baskets can make Christmas, Thanksgiving and other occasions truly memorable. The selection of gourmet fruits can be beautifully arranged on the tables and your friends and family members can enjoy biting into these juicy, delectable fruits. The beauty of these gourmet fruits lies in the fact that these can be enjoyed not only by the receiver but by the giver and those celebrating the special occasion. These fruits also make excellent gifting items since they are healthy and wholesome and can be consumed by people belonging to all age groups. Some of the fruits used in these decorations include juicy oranges from Florida, mangoes, kiwi, apples, peaches, plums and pears.

You can also get other exotic and seasonal fruits like mangosteen and snowcot white apricot. These exotic and gourmet fruits also look extremely chic and can add an air of exclusivity to your parties and celebrations. Our beautifully handpicked fruits combined with the best of dark and milk chocolates and selected wines can make any celebrations extremely memorable. Gourmet fruits can be the perfect gifting item for health and calorie conscious individuals who like to watch what they eat.